Living The Dream Vol 10 – Where Has The Time Gone

Last time I wrote anything was all he way back in May 2019, I had just crashed my bike and broken my collarbone and was planning the come back trail to fitness again! I sat down to write a few times last year but things never really got going so well after that point. Disappointingly I only finished one race again last year at 70.3 Vichy in August with a distinctly average result. I Started the race at 70.3 Weymouth with a fairly strong swim and feeling good early on the bike to be hit with a puncture 20km into the bike and then to find when pulling over to change it that half of my repair kit had fallen out somewhere on the road! So again a rubbish year again from a racing perspective and left me going into winter a little unsure about what to do going forwards.

The only 70.3 I managed to finish in 2019 in sunny Vichy

Throw back to 2017 when things were on the up and I would have bet my house that starting the year 2020 I would have been way more successful, fitter, faster and stronger than I was at that point and in a position to be making a real career out of this sport. The reality now is that in the last 3 years it feels like I have made no progress and am just 3 years older! Now at the ripe old age of 30 starting 2020 my commitment is again to give this thing a damn good shot. Although I’m hardly over the hill age wise with guys still smashing races late into their 30’s and early 40’s I have the distinct feeling that its now or never really and if i don’t start to really show what I believe my potential is this year then it really will be back to the drawing board.

Seems Like A Lifetime Ago Since The Last Succesful Race

So 2020, what does it have in store?? Currently plans stretch as far as June with a couple of masters swimming galas coming up over the next few weeks, possibly a March half marathon and then building things up to a return to Outlaw Half Nottingham to actually finish the race in one piece this year and get the season off to a solid start. That will be followed up by the new Outlaw Half event at Bowood House which is much more in my neck of the woods and looks to be a beautiful and honest course. After that I will take stock and see where I’m at with a few things, I plan very much to slowly build this year and not rush fitness with the big goal being on the start line of Ironman Wales on the 6th September in the shape of my life so rushing fitness and training now isn’t going to be massively helpful towards that. The current focus is on building the base, the strong and stable foundation that I can use for the whole year ahead, being consistent in showing up and getting the work done day after day and not doing anything that will jeopardise that with hero sessions or too much to soon. There will be a June/July Ironman/Iron Distance event as i need to get one ticked off again, my last full Ironman finish was October 2017 so the pain of that kind of racing has well and truly faded from my mind!

Its all about focussing on the process right now

The sport has moved forwards massively with the level of racing over 70.3 and Ironman and I have some serious catching up to do but with some Blood, sweat and tears I’m confident that I can start to truly show what I believe I am capable of in 2020 and am excited about the year ahead. I will try and keep this blog up to date  which I always say with good intentions then never end up doing but if nothing else the last couple of years have taught me a lot about myself and dealing with things when they dont go to plan and I fully intend on putting all that experience to good use!

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