As an athlete who has come through the age group progression i have experienced ways of how to make training efficient and making it fit round a busy life with family, work and other commitments. This experience along with the knowledge and understanding of Triathlon and Endurance sport training has given me the ability to successfully coach athletes to achieve there goals. Whether that is complete there first triathlon, win there age group or qualify for a world championship or get onto a national team I can help.

We offer 2 levels of coaching service which are outlined below, both services start with an initial consultation for me to gather information about you as an athlete, your sporting background, your lifestyle and commitments and your goals and aspirations.

Full Coaching: This is a fully personalised training plan set up around you and your lifestyle tailored to your goals and abilities.  After an Initial consultation to gain some information on your sporting background and time availability for training a plan is set up using the XHALE online training diary. This gives coach and athlete full visibility of the training being done and any data the athlete can provide as well. Feedback is continually given and regular communication between Coach and Athlete is encouraged with no limitations. Sessions are personalised to the Athlete where possible and can utilise metrics including Heart Rate, Power, Cadence and anything else the athlete has available to them.

Mentoring: This package also utilises the XHALE training diary so coach and athlete can both view the sessions being performed and view the data and feedback from these.  The day to day planning of the training is the athletes responsibility but I am then on hand to provide guidance and advice for sessions and to help the athlete with any questions or ideas they wish to discuss. With this package also the athlete has unlimited communication with myself for any questions and problems that arise and also to be able to discuss relevant topics throughout the year.

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