Total Bike Fit South

Based out of the Kit Walker Triathlon Performance centre in Somerset our bike fitting services provide attention to detail for all levels of cyclist. Whether your a fitness enthusiast or serious athletes, advice on comfort, injury prevention, equipment choice and aerodynamics all as standard.

COmbining knowledge and experience along with the latest technology like the GebioMized Saddle Pressure Mapping System we aim to deliver you a complete bike fit

Ultimate Road Bike fit

1.5-2 hours


All the bells and whistles bike fit for any level of rider. From beginners wanting to get out on the road to the more experienced cyclist doing long days in the saddle.


Pre-fit assessment, pedal/cleat interface alignment, Motion Capture analysis with digital bio-mechanical software to guide fit,

Saddle stability and pressure mapping fit report

Ultimate Aero/TT fit

2-3 hours


Wind Tunnel, outdoor testing and Track testing guided decisions on optimisation of position for Triathlon and TT racing. Combining comfort, stability and biomechanics with aerodynamics.


Pre-fit assessment, pedal/cleat interface alignment, Motion Capture analysis with digital bio-mechanical software to guide fit, saddle stability and pressure mapping, Front end Aero adjustments* and fit report

*Re-cabling of mechanical gears and brake cables may require external workshop fee

Road Bike Fit

3 Key points

Fitting is a process of taking as much information as possible and turning it into a position that sees a human semi-fixed to a rigid machine at 3 key points – Pedals, Saddle and Bars.

Our 5 step protocol

Skipping a step leads to a poor fit. We follow a procedure of:

  1. Pre-fit assessment
  2. Cleat and pedal set up
  3. Initial fit analysis
  4. Biomechanical changes
  5. Post fit analysis and report

Road or Gravel

With the latest craze of gravel bikes along with the ongoing boom in road cycling we are well placed to offer great knowledge in both areas. Total Bike Fit is headed up by a former 1st cat road racer and one of the very few people to finish the GB divide – a 1200 mile ride the length of the UK.

Aero TT/Tri Bike Fit

TT vs Triathlon

Getting specific to your sport is critical to us. The triathlon fit considers a balance of everything you need to run well off the bike as well as ride well on it. The differences are subtle but very important and often overlooked.

A combination of stability, comfort, power delivery and aerodynamics all come together in both your bike performance and your ability to run off the bike. Getting the balance of these right both for your body type, event distance and goals is crucial for you to execute your best triathlon.

Saddle Pressure Mapping

With an Ultimate Bike fit Saddle Pressure mapping is used as standard to help determine optimum position and contact area with the saddle and also to help determine whether the saddle you are riding is the right one for you. Using the gebioMized system we can use one of the guiding parameters to to create unique testing protocols for the individual to maximise gains. Stability, centre of pressure, force and pressure distribution allow us to guide you to the perfect position for your needs.

Pressure Matters!

The ultimate fit tool in our eyes. Quantifiable data which not only makes you more comfortable but measures change at all contact points and optimises stability and performance.

Secret Saddle Club

Working closely with what feel are the best saddles for cyclists, optimised from the data gathered in 50,000 fits gives you the option to test and upgrade to the perfect saddle – Range HERE

Aero Fit Progression

1.5-2 hours


Once you have trained in the new position from your first fit the process is never over. Enhanced work from training will allow us to get you more aero or optimise power further

Road Fit Progression

1.5 hours


As you get fitter, or age, or have taken time off training……things change. Get your fit re-optimised with the use of specialist knowledge and tools designed to get more power, speed and comfort

Shoe/Cleat Fit

1 Hour


Often under valued, your cleat and shoe set up is the foundation of a great fit. Full alignment and advice on performance insoles. All aimed at best power production and Injury prevention