Living The Dream Vol 7- Back In The Game

Its been most of the winter since i last wrote anything on here, not for any reason apart from it has been relatively uneventful but as the clocks have gone and and the races are getting nearer I though it was a good time for an update and hopefully the start of more regular blogging going forward.

Winter Running Miles On The Local Coast Path

I built myself gradually back into some more consistent training from September through the winter and although my winter has been far from spectacular on the whole it has been relatively consistent and i have felt some form and fitness return. Although I had initial ideas to run some spring half marathons i ended up making the decision to keep with the training flow and push through to the Tri season.

The volume hasn’t been massive and especially in my running I have focussed a lot of energy on running easy! Leaving any ego and pace goals at home and doing a lot of my KM’s to a set HR cap no matter how slow that means the legs go. The other part of my winter training that I feel helped me considerably was spending a little more time in the gym, initially this was building up the weight I could move on some basic movements like Squats and Deadlifts and then transitioning into more dynamic and sport specific work. Although this left me quite sore at times and unable to do much quality bike and run work the strength and stability side of things was and still is a big weakness of mine. It’s the classic analogy of a powerful engine in a chassis that cant necessarily handle it.

Generally though I have been relatively consistent and now approach these last few weeks of build into the race season in a good place physically. The big change now is that I am now a full time coach and athlete leaving my engineering job at the end of March. I spent the whole winter purposefully not planning very far ahead at all just wanting to come out the other side motivated and healthy and with those boxes ticked and the support of my family now is the time to take the leap and really try and focus on my career as an athlete and coach.

Sunny Winter Bike Miles


Whilst my running is still nowhere near where it needs to be it is improving and starting to come back to at least where it has been in the past which is promising. My swim is ticking over nicely logging some good weekly KM’s in the pool and although i have done now real longer rides on the bike with 1-2 interval sessions a week combined with some aerobic work it is also in a good place. With the weather starting to show signs of improvement and some more time available for training i will build the bike volume now starting to focus on preparing for race season more specifically.

As for races I pinned on my first number in a very long time at an early CC Weymouth Club TT on a sporting 22.5 mile course last weekend and was pleasantly surprised with the result! First long sustained high power session in a long time and although it certainly hurt a bit the legs were there and there was definitely more in the tank in terms of equipment gains and the fitness i have at the moment. To be honest it just felt so good to be out pushing myself in a competitive environment again even if it was only a low key event there is always something about doing something against the clock or in a race environment now matter how small that makes you push that little bit more. Triathlon wise I will likely do a local pool based race at the end of April to blow off the ring rust as it would have been a whole year since I did an actual Triathlon race and then start with my main race season at Outlaw Half in May and into 70.3 Staffordshire in June, from there I will see how things go and make decisions about whether i focus my energy on 70.3 or pick an Ironman to build towards to shape the rest of the season.

First Race Hit Out Of The Year

I fully intend to write more often on here along with providing more content through my social media channels as well as I go through the year so follow on if you dont already!

Lastly a big thank you to my family and supporters for sticking with me through last year and keeping the support into 2019. I am fully committed to racing to my absolute best this year and prepared to go through the ups and the downs that comes through chasing high performance sport. The guys and girls at Raceskin, Revolver Wheels, Swans Goggles and Greeper Laces will all be providing me with the best kit for 2019 so I dont have to worry about it and can focus on putting the work in!

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