Living The Dream Vol 2 – Reality Bites

So we’re in the time between Xmas and New Year, if your like me then this is a bit of a weird one. I have this period off work but always struggle for training motivation. Christmas is always busy in our house with the kids and I never have any pressure to train loads around this time. This on the other hand means that my motivation drops off and sitting on the sofa with the Xmas chocolate seems like a much better idea.

Since my last blog though things have been a bit of a mixed bag. Unfortunately I picked up a problem in my glute which has put me out of running for a couple of weeks whilst I work on it although I did charge down Weymouth beach dressed as a Xmas pudding chased by a load of Father Christmases. Thankfully though it hasn’t really effected my swim or bike sontraining has been focussed around them for the last few weeks. What it has done is really highlight the need for me to become much stronger and more stable through my core and hips which is the silver lining and a big project for the new year. My bike work has been a lot of turbo sessions and has gone well. Intensity has been a bit more than I have been used too and there has been a bit of progress already in these harder sessions.

In the pool I have managed to keep a lot of my form from the end of the season which has been promising and have had some great sessions along with a couple of shockers!! I had generally though got things going well again before the Xmas period took over. The glute is on the mend though and with 2018 only days away attention is turning to the new year and my goals. Although I don’t have any races confirmed in the calendar yet I have plenty of options and it will be a 70.3 focused season.

My racing is very black and white in that to succeed (win) I need to swim and bike a little quicker but run a lot quicker. I’m realistic in that I’m never going to be a front pack runner but with the way 70.3 racing is now days if your not knocking on the door of a 1.15 half off the bike your nowhere. Having never run faster than a 1.23 off the bike this is a very big step and one that isn’t going to happen overnight. With Mark Pearce from Intelli Tri now at the reigns though the focus is to build the best 70.3 performances possible and with a long term goal of a big performance at the 70.3 world championships 2019 there is plenty to work towards.

I do love a bit of downtime over Xmas especially with the kids being around but there is certainly part of me now ready to turn my focus levels up a bit as 2018 comes round and the races get ever so slightly closer, maybe that’s just because I’ve eaten all the Christmas cake though!!

Hope everyone had a great Xmas and has a great start to the New Year. Will be back soon with a little more on what I will be working on and hopefully some positive news that I am back running consistently again.

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